2021 was a bit of a strange year, we were in and out of lockdown, had a revolutionary jab, saw bubble wrap toys take over the world and yes, even saw England reach a tournament final. The year saw some incredible trends, as well as some not so incredible ones. Let’s take a look back at the year in convenience…


Who could forget these? These simple looking bits of rubber were the hottest product on the market this summer, with kids (and adults) all around the country desperate to play with this bubble wrap impersonator. Retailers saw huge success stocking Pop-Its, with them flying off the shelves as soon as they came in. Boosted in popularity by TikTok, the trend died down about as quickly as a video on the platform.


Nic Salt vaping saw a huge ruse in 2021, spearheaded by the likes of GeekBar, IVG and Elf Bar. Low RRP, and simple ease of use have quickly made these products a go-to for many smokers trying to kick the habit. Using Nicotine Salts rather than tobacco, nic salt bars offer a fantastic alternative to smoking for many smokers. Coming in a variety of flavours, the bars have only increased in popularity since their introduction this year. This will be one to watch in 2022! Check out our quick video with IVG about their range below:


The pink soldiers love convenience! Netflix’s hit show took over everyones live’s this September, if you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing? Go and watch it NOW! This show was a phenomenon, appearing everywhere you looked for a short period of time. It was also everybody go-to Halloween costume in 2021. Quick thinking retailers started stocking the masks and tracksuits to great results, including Leamington retailer Sunder Sandher! With another season in the works, we will definitely be seeing more of the Pink Soldiers soon…


We also saw a lot of brands becoming more socially and environmentally aware this year, with many brands reducing their packaging, or switching to recyclable materials. The latest example of which is Suntory reducing the plastic wrap around its Lucozade Sport bottles! This is a trend we will absolutely be seeing more from in 2022, as retailers and brands alike lead by example in the eco-space.


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