For recital by Jasmine Jalaf-Hadley press here

During this St Valentines Day
Here at C-Talk we wish to say
We have you have a wonderful time
Boosted by massive sales of wine

Because we care about you completely
Make sure you sign up to our Newsletter weekly
Or for inspiration watch a retailer video
Then sit back and watch your sales grow

Remember to keep the customers happy
If you need a delivery talk to Snappy
With orders coming in on your computer
You could deliver them with Eskuta

Its a busy time we are working hard
Dont forget to buy your partner a card
Don't make this a valentines from hell
Get some sweets from Perfetti Van Melle

Valentines can be so magic
If you dont get it right sales could be tragic
So if you want to be a retail winner
Make sure to see a romantic dinner

Our top tip to increase those margins
Offer your customers some banging bargains
So as that romantic candle flickers
It's about time to unwrap those.....Snickers



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