One, two, three, four – we don’t want a price war.

Sainsbury’s are now price matching 250 products with Aldi. Many independent retailers may be slightly concerned over the growth of discounters, purely and simply because they are growing in their communities and they do things so well. For example, the wine is good, the bakery is done well, they are kind of fun in the middle aaaand they sell certain products are at a price some cannot even buy at through their own supply chains.

Price match POS

So, the question then remains what do independents do, if anything…?

We can contact our wholesalers and see what discount lines they do, potentially look at own label, or… a real favourite, look at what we do locally that provides a service that means price becomes less of an issue.

It is certainly very different for every retailer, mainly depending upon their local area and the competition, but lets keep sharing ideas.

If you are doing something good, share it with the C-TALK network of convenience stores via

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