Inside SPAR Market Store


An exciting new retail format has been unveiled for Blakemore Retail with SPAR. Giving customers a ‘market’ feel, it joins the few other stores under the moniker SPAR Market. Offering a vast range of meal solutions such as fresh meat, groceries and frozen foods, SPAR Market is designed for larger convenience stores.

With aims of attracting both local shoppers looking to make a fresh meal, whilst also bringing in tourists, the store will feature food sourced freshly from local suppliers. This will not only give a fantastic ‘local market’ feel to the store, but will also provide a boost to the local economy.

The store will also feature a ‘grab and go’ deli market to cater to those shoppers looking to ‘grab and go’, thanks to the new ‘Daily Deli’ hot service counter, offering ready to eat food all throughout the day. All of which will be boosted by the ever-popular Tango Ice Blast, f’real shakes, and Phillpotts coffee machines.

Blakemore Retail Managing Director Matt Teague had this to say: “SPAR Market is an exciting new format for Blakemore Retail that will help differentiate our Bala store for the location and market. New store formats and our Store Cluster Strategy mean that we are

better able to design stores to reflect the core shopping missions of our customers than ever before. All of the new features have been designed with the customer in mind and offer something for everyone.”

And last but not least, sustainability has also been kept in mind with the store, as a new SPAR Natural refill station has been installed, offering dried goods in a waste-less manner.


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