We have a few changes to announce here at C-Talk.  It is with great sadness that we tell you Kate has stepped down from the position of Editor.  Kate will still be doing some video’s so hopefully we can get some more of this;

But unfortunately Kate won’t be involved in the day to day running. Kates sense of fun, her creativity, and general kindness and gorgeousness will be really missed.

Kate Harding said, “It has been a huge honour and great fun to have worked with friends, retailers, agencies and forward thinking brands to create something innovative and engaging in the trade.

The sharp growth trajectory of C-TALK means the team is growing capability & resource to fulfil the requirements of the awesome brand partners looking to grow in convenience retail. Now these exciting plans are underway, I can take a much needed break, which is great timing with my daughter starting school in September.

The very nature of being self employed / freelance means I have flexibility and plan to make C-TALK broadcast camios and write blog posts in the future. So it is not goodbye for sure.

C-TALK broadcast views of retailers stores and brand plans are through the roof across Facebook, LinkedIn, the website, YouTube. It is a recognised voice for important topics close to retailers hearts, such as the Farmers Protest in India. And just for fun it was the first to find and share the awesome videos retailers are creating on Tiktok. Such a convivial and jovial player that also tackles the big subjects.

For more innovative moves, articles, advice and more, work with the team by getting in touch with the leadership team.

Good luck Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Callum, Rachael and the team soon to join. Thank you and see you soon 🙌 its been a blast.”

Miss ya Kate 🙁


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