With over 1/5 of UK consumers stating that their diet is unhealthy, and those new year resolutions coming in, now is the time for change.

HFSS is round the corner, and with an already shifting attitude towards healthy eating, it will be a challenging time for retailers to adapt. However, we are good at making the most of our given circumstances and we have what it takes to adapt and come out on top.  With that being said, it’s time to look at why these changes are coming, and what’s driving them. 

With 41% of shoppers now more aware of sugar content in foods than they were 10 years ago, we can see why the industry is adapting. Shopper habits are changing, many generations of shoppers, both young and old, are looking at what they are eating closer. This re-evaluation provides a massive opportunity for our sector to adapt to the trends, by stocking and education customers on more healthier options and alternatives.

Vegan options are forever growing, and we have heard from many retailers the benefits to stocking plant-based products. The meat-free food industry in the UK grew by 40% from £582 million in 2014 to an estimated £816 million in 2019 in the UK. With the massive trend of Veganuary growing year-on-year, this number will only skyrocket!

Compared to 10 years ago, 58% of consumers in the UK feel more of a desire to eat healthier. This is something that should be capitalised on in-store. Loose fruit and veg has seen a massive increase in recent years, in part due not only to health, but also a more environmentally conscious population. Offering loose fruit such as bananas can be a good way to offer a healthier impulse alternative to your variety of shoppers. It’s also an idea championed by Kenilworth retail legend Sid! See what Sid had to say about healthy eating in his store here:

In summary, we currently have a much more health conscious population of shoppers than recent years, so capitalise on this by offering healthier alternatives in store. Take advantage of the growing Vegan population and category by offering a small amount of plant-based alternatives in your chilled areas! Birds Eye’s Green Cuisine has seen massive success in Convenience, and can be a great feeler to start out your meat-free journey in-store.


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