We’re almost halfway into the year, and to be honest, it’s hatched into a bit of a mess. We won’t bore you with the details, as none of us are particularly happy bunnies right now. However this weekend is offering us a golden chance to capitalise on the hot weather and 4 day weekend.

Anyway, that’s enough yolk-ing around for now, let’s look ahead at what you should be doing this easter weekend!

As you may or may not be aware, this weekend will be a 4 day weekend, bank holidays on either side mean it’s very likely alcohol sales will rise. Factoring in the weather, the midlands is estimated to be around 17-20°C, meaning we have a double whammy on our hands. 

What should I be stocking in-store?

Plenty of customers will be dusting off their forgotten BBQs this weekend, so make sure to make the most of it by focusing on these core products:

Instant BBQs

Instant BBQs are an amazing opportunity to grab impulse sales this weekend, those who don’t have a fancy set up, or just want a picnic, will be looking for these products. Retailers near parks or recreational areas may see sales rise particularly, although we understand this can be an area of contention with local councils.

Burgers, Sausages etc.

The BBQ mainstays of burgers and sausages aren’t going anywhere, except maybe flying out of your store. If possible, try sourcing some local produce. We have seen a market need, with customers wanting a fresher, higher quality meat than mass produced food. It’s also a bonus if it helps out other small businesses in your community.

Beers, Wines & Spirits

This one speaks for itself, our nation loves to drink in the sun. You should ideally be aiming to push multipacks over single cans here, as many people will be hosting get-togethers or attending them with friends. It’s also important to remember wines and alternatives to beer, such as vodkas, gins, etc. for the non-lager drinkers.

Soft Drinks

Of course, not everybody drinks, so it’s important that you push sales of soft drinks too. Summer-y and fruity flavoured drinks such as Fanta typically do well in warmer weather, and many kids will be wanting a treat in the sun. It’s also worth noting that soft drinks are used as mixers, so Coca-Cola and lemonades are fantastic to pair with spirits.


Retailers with slush/Ice Blast machines should prepare for a significant uptake in sales, so ensure you’re well stocked on syrup. There’s an army of screaming kids coming your way!

Where should I be stocking it?

In terms of placement in-store, these products should ideally be one of, if not, the very first products seen as customers enter the store. If you can dedicate enough room, a temporary BBQ display is sure to increase impulse sales, and offers up the opportunity for bundle promotions.

As they enter the doors from the heat, let the AC hit the customers, and watch their eyes light up at the goodies in front of them! 

Any other tips?

Energy prices are high right now, so setting your AC unit 1/1.5 warmerthan usual, can save a massive amount of money, and customers won’t actually feel the difference!

That about wraps us up! This is an exciting weekend for us retailers, we are wishing you all the best, make the most of it!


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