Ajay Singh was hurt defending valuable stock by shoplifters in a getaway vehicle, just days after C-TALK had a really fun video interview with him in his amazing Premier store in Morely, Leeds. Gutted to hear this news, C-TALK reports.

Ajay said “Basically, the shop lifter asked for a bunch of fags and backy then grabbed them off of my staff member. She screamed, because he assaulted her I ran out from the back to chase him. He had a getaway car waiting so as I caught hold of him he jumped in to the car and the driver took off. Because I hold of him I took off like superman, flipped and hit into another car before I then hit the curb and banged my head quite bad.”

“Thanking God that nothing but minor injuries, bumps and bruises, could of been a lot worst. Good will always outdo evil. If you steal from me, you steal from my family.”

Speaking to other retailers this week, some felt the easing of restrictions such as people mingling and pubs being open was a possible cause for an increase in violence in store in recent weeks.

Ajay said “I think shoplifting has risen due to the pandemic. People loosing jobs and having to result to stealing”.

Meten Lakhani, St Marys Supermarket Southampton said “Shoplifting has increased a lot over 12months. People are struggling and convenience stores are easy targets with no police to help at all”

Others have really not seen a big difference. Raaj Chandarana, Tara’s Londis in High Wycombe said “Not seen a correlation in that sense. In fact the opposite, I think people are more relaxed. People don’t like being told what they can and can’t do. Giving them access to more facilities and knowing when they will get their freedom back get them in to a calmer state”

It was only last week that the home office and Crimestoppers lauched their #ShopKind initiative.

James Lowman, Chief Executive at the Association of Convenience Stores, said: “Convenience stores have been open throughout the pandemic, keeping communities going and being first to adapt to keep customers and colleagues safe through Covid secure measures. While the majority of customers have been incredibly supportive and embody the messages of the ShopKind campaign, there are still too many people being abusive and violent to retailers and their colleagues. We fully support ShopKind, which serves as an important reminder of the essential work that convenience stores have done over the last year and continue to do to as the rest of retail reopens.”

Paul Gerrard, Co-op’s Director of Campaigns and Public Affairs, said “No one should have to face violence and abuse just for doing their job, and nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of shopworkers who work tirelessly within communities – they deserve thanks, not abuse, threats and violence. They also deserve for the law to better protect them as they go about their daily working lives. It does now in Scotland, but not in the rest of the United Kingdom and so we continue to call for Government to show that it is listening and to send out a clear message that anti-social behaviour and attacks on shopworkers is not acceptable.”


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