2021 saw some big trends in convenience, we looked back at them last week, so check out that here!

However this week is all about the future, we’ve hopped in a DeLorean and headed into the future of convenience to give you tips on the types of trends we might see.

Flavoured/Premium Vodkas

With the rise of Au Vodka and the now hotly trending Jatt Life, we are seeing a continued rise of flavoured and premium vodkas, marketed cleverly using todays digital methods. Sporting rappers on social media adverts, and a lot of celebrity endorsement, these brands are spreading like wildfire. They’re especially popular with the younger generation, who seem to be choosing these newer, trendier vodkas over industry veterans.


Many retailers have been expanding their food-to-go offerings as of late, with it being a fantastic way to drive footfall at those all important lunch hours. Meal deals, sausage rolls and hot dogs are a fantastic way to entice more customers into your store by offering hot food that’s quick to grab.


As with 2021, we are going to see an increased push from brands as well as fellow retailers to increase their sustainability. With energy prices soaring, this is a fantastic time to switch over to better lighting or fridge options, and many retailers are already doing so. We should expect to see an increase in brand presence in this conversation, as it increases perception amongst customers that they are supporting a company that cares about its environmental impact, which can drive sales. 

Vegan Options

By now there’s a strong chance you know a Vegan, perhaps you are one yourself! But I bet you didn’t 10 years ago… The rise of Vegan food and lifestyles has been astronomical, with major brands such as Birds Eye now offering plant based options for convenience. This is a sector that will keep on growing, especially in January (Veganuary), so make sure you are keeping some plant-based stock in at all times, at least for this month!


Our final trend to look out for is enhanced food and drinks. This refers to products with added health benefits, for example, water that helps you sleep better, food that gives you energy, etc. These products are growing in popularity every day, and that is set to rise in 2022.


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