Alcohol has always been a massive part of convenience, but what about 0% alcohol products? With changing attitudes in society, many consumers are looking to cut down, or remove alcohol from their diets.

Currently 1/5th of adults don’t drink, and 1/3 moderate their alcohol drinking, a huge market for us retailers to potentially tap into. With 2/3 shoppers who buy No/Low alcohol products being alcohol drinkers, we have evidence of these products being used as a way to cut down or even quit drinking. Offering a No/Low alternative in-store allows us retailers to tap into this growing market, and potentially support customers on their alcohol reduction journey.

Thinking ahead, while summer feels like miles away, it’s important to start preparing now! Barbecue season will soon be here, and having No/Low alternatives is a fantastic option for those midweek nights, when consumers might have work in the morning! 93% of No/Low sales are Beer, something which is bought in mountains during BBQ season.

When stocking No/Low, keep it in the alcohol section. An example layout can be seen in the infographic below, courtesy of Molson Coors!

So what are you waiting for? Try it out in store this Summer and tap into that growing market! Let us know how you get on!


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