Cashiers and shelf stackers are paid between £1 – £3 less per hour than warehouse workers at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s and Next. These are some of the supermarket workers who are demanding equal pay.

Article By Joeli Brearly, Founder of ‘Pregnant Then Screwed’

Those who work in the warehouse are nearly all men. Those who stack the shelves are nearly all women.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the jobs of the warehouse staff are comparable to the shop staff, thereby paving the way for an equal pay claim which will see hundreds of thousands of women (and some men) receive the back pay they deserve. It will cost the supermarkets millions.

Despite people believing that women are not paid less for doing work of equal value, it still happens, all of the bloody time, and this case proves it. This is sexism. And yet again it has been left to low paid women to organise and to right this wrong; creating a fairer, more equal world for us all. It’s not over yet, but today was a huge leap forwards.


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