The cereal category is worth £77m in the total impulse category, up 15% year on year. Convenience stores have played an incredibly important part in people’s lives since lockdown and this boost looks likely to continue. Having a well-stocked breakfast category with all of the core and top-selling cereal brands has never been more important in a changing breakfast occasion as people look to purchase more day-to-day items from their local stores.

Retailers should ensure they’re stocking a variety of products, focused on a core range of best-sellers, including Weetabix Original, Alpen, Weetabix Minis, Weetos and Ready brek. We’ve seen multipacks increase in popularity during lockdown, especially for our cereal bars and drinks, and we expect this to continue with more people working from home.

What to Stock

Weetabix is still firmly the UK’s number one breakfast cereal brand and a must stock for retailers, offering a nutritious choice to start the day. Health will come back to the forefront in the months ahead and we know consumers are concerned about the healthiness of their cereals. Weetabix Original is and will always be, a low sugar cereal, and we have all green traffic lights on pack to make it easy for shoppers to make a healthy choice.

Weetabix returned to TV screens in January with a topical and light-hearted New Year creative. The campaign encouraged the nation to start the day right with versatile, inspirational recipe ideas and featured the by-line now synonymous with the brand – ‘Have You Had Yours?’

Ready brek, the £10million smooth porridge brand, returned to TV screens this year as it brought back its popular ‘Central Heating for Everyone’ campaign. Ready brek is outperforming the category in both value and volume, growing at 5.8% year-on-year compared to just 1% for the total hot cereals’ category[4]. The rise in awareness of the health benefits of oats has certainly helped to increased demand, with people making healthier choices at breakfast as we enter the new year. Ready brek is leading the category and is a must-stock product in your cereal aisle to tap into this growing trend.


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