Black Friday has been notorious for its crazy crowds and long lines reaching far and beyond; it’s known primarily for its for hectic and competitive shopping and excitement to snag some seriously good bargains.

However, over the years Black Friday (as well as Cyber Monday) has seemed to take a significant dip in the market, with fast-delivery shipping services such as Amazon carrying striking deals and offers all year around.

Therefore, it seems as though the adrenaline for Black Friday has dissipated a little bit; what’s the rush when you can tap a screen twice and get it delivered right outside of your door?

No hassle, no queues, no exhausting bargain hunting- and especially no crazy cat-fighting over the last flat-screen on the shelf!

Here at C-Talk, we know the importance of modernising retail (online shipping, next day delivery, etc) and what it means to get ahead of the curve; which is why we’ve asked some retailers in our sector to share their thoughts on the fast-paced holiday that is Black Friday!

“If you offer a parcel service, it can be a nuisance,” Jimmy from Premier Jimmy’s Store in Northampton states, “You can get lots of returns. But then on the other hand, there’s more commission, demands if you have the space. I feel like Black Friday is an expected time of the year, almost like a festival, but we do not have extra deals for it.”

Tenby Stores retailers Vince and Fiona Malone also add, “Although we run no Black Friday deals, we are gearing up for an increase in footfall due to parcel pick ups and the inevitable returns.

In terms of conbating this and making use of the business opportunity that is having more custoemrs enter the store, they add, “We shall use this as an opportunity to convert customers from our Post Office services to use our retail offer. Our parcel pickup and drop off are at the back of our shop.”

In an ideal world, it’s a win-win situation for both retailers and customers. Retailers get a boost in sales and customers get to snag some awesome bargains.

However, as mentioned above, it can also come with its own losses in the convenience retail sector. With big supermarket chains being able to afford the big discounts, convenience stores can often be seen as the more expensive option, which many would say Black Friday is not about.

On the other hand, Black Friday is also prime time for retailers to really connect and feel closer to their communities.

Even by having small offers on and available to their local shoppers, it allows retailers to take part in the occasion without breaking the bank. It’s also positive for consumers who may be too phased by Black Friday sales, and can act as a lovely, convenient little surprise for those who aren’t too bothered by it.

In addition to Fiona and Vince’s point of maximising footfall and making sure you’re making the most of the opportunities that arise around this time of year, we’d also like to say that since this is such a busy time of year, it’s also important to pace yourself as a retailer to avoid burning out.

The Christmas period is fast approaching, as well as everything that comes with it in the New Year. While the idea of more customers coming into the store is all very exciting, it’s also vital that you are able to think of your own wellbeing and are able to give yourself a break every now and then.

Overall, we advise retailers to do whatever suits them and their community best; nobody knows a store’s locals quite like the store itself, after all! You know what your community needs and wants, and if it aligns with your business as a retailer- even better!