In a shocking turn of events, Morrisons has become the most expensive big supermarket to shop at. Despite being the cheapest store only a couple of weeks ago, Morrisons has seen the price of essentials go through the roof to claim the top spot of most expensive supermarket out of the big boys. Whilst Morrisons has increased their prices, so have everyone else, and this presents a big opportunity for retailers.

With trust for supermarkets seemingly waining, this is the ideal time to look for deals and offers you can give to your customers to get that edge on the grocers. Look for multi-buy offers, and check your wholesaler for deals and short-date stock. Inflation is now at a 40 year high, and we will start to see shoppers become a lot lot tighter with their wallets. We may see more shoppers look to short-dated stock where they hadn’t before, and we will certainly see a lot of switching to own-brand alternatives. Nisa retailers should look to the fantastic Co-Op value ranges recently introduced, and One-Stop retailers have access to a whole range of own label One-Stop branded products, such as crisps.

Inflation is currently at 9.1%, and the Bank of England has predicted it will rise to 11% by Autumn. This cost of living crisis is affecting every facet of our lives, from deliveries to keeping fridges cold. This is the time to think smart, install fridge doors to save energy, don’t have air-con on full blast, there are many ways to reduct the impact of this unprecedented time. Times are tough, but there are still opportunities to be had, times are crazy right now and things can turn on their head at any moment. Morrisons going from cheapest to dearest won’t be the last of it!

So let’s think smart, and convert disgruntled supermarket shoppers into regulars, and if you’re near a Morri$ons, make the most of it!


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